Superman/Batman – The New World’s Finest


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Gotham City was in a transition period. It had been months since they had lost their protector in Batman, only for the caped crusader to re-emerge.

Yet they all knew something was different. Something had changed the grim defender.

Convinced that Batman was not only mortal and in fact was dead and had just been replaced, criminals were bolder than ever. The old status quo was gone. They were no longer superstitious cowardly lot.

While the locals were causing plenty of trouble, the biggest issue that was currently facing Batman was those from out of town. Specifically the electrified villain from Metropolis, Livewire. Continue reading Superman/Batman – The New World’s Finest


The Adventures of Superman- Guilty until Proven Innocent

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“Guilty Until Proven Innocent”

By Tony Thornley




Clark Kent flew away from Lobo, the munition carrying him nearly a mile away before he could control his ascent.  The bounty hunter had arrived on Earth about an hour ago, claiming that Supergirl was wanted for murder.  

He stopped, steadied himself, and scanned the area ahead of himself.  Amazingly, so far, the only collateral damage was the wall of the Steelworks.  He knew it could escalate quickly if he didn’t shut Lobo down.

He rocketed back towards Lobo, heat beginning to pour from his eyes.  The Czarnian grinned and began swinging his chain in a slow spiral.

“All right, round two!” he exclaimed.  “Just me and you Blue!”

“Not quite!” a new voice bellowed.  Power Girl blasted through the air, slamming into the small of Lobo’s back.  Superman took advantage of of the surprise attack, blasting Lobo with his heat vision, and burning away much of his jacket and shirt.  The bounty hunter cried out in pain and crashed into the pavement in a heap.

“Sorry I couldn’t be here earlier,” Karen said, “board meeting.”

“Glad for the help now.” Continue reading The Adventures of Superman- Guilty until Proven Innocent

Flash Fiction Month- Riot


Flash Fiction Month

Weird Team Up



By Tony Thornley

“Woo-hoo Supes, this is the way to fly!”

Clark Kent could barely contain himself.  He had found himself in dire need of a metahuman psychologist.  The Belle Reve prison riot had necessitated a profiler, someone who knew the minds of metas inside and out.

Unfortunately, no one would go near Belle Reve.  Not for any amount of money (despite what Batman offered).  Not for Superman as their personal bodyguard.  So they had to get creative.

“Go faster go faster go faster!” Harleen Quinzel bellowed as she tugged on Superman’s cape.  The two of them soared over the midwest, just under the sound barrier.

“Harley, I would prefer to carry you,” he said.

“I’m good,” she said.  She tugged on the harness that was fastened tight around her waist and up over her shoulders.  “This saddle that Bats rigged up is great.”

“It’s a flight harness,” he said.  “And with your oxygen helmet, it’s what’s keeping you with me.  And alive.  Any faster, and your organs would start to liquefy.”

The rocking motion on his back stopped.

“Don’t go faster?”

“Yes, Harley, don’t go faster.” Continue reading Flash Fiction Month- Riot

The Adventures of Superman- “Bounties”

If it wasn’t for the vacuum, the entire sector would hear the rumbling of the Spacehog.  The sound would send fear through their hearts.  Unfortunately the vacuum prevented that.  He preferred it that way.

Lobo never wanted his targets to know he was coming.


His cape flapped in the breeze as he floated over Metropolis.  His arms were crossed over the red and yellow shield emblazoned across his chest.  The newsmedia in front of him occasionally turned and snapped photos.  Those few that zoomed in could see that his eyes glowed slightly red, an angry trait of his.

Behind the curtains on the stage in front of LexCorp Plaza, Lex Luthor smiled as he watched the Man of Steel in the monitor.  He turned to Mercy Graves, who reached out and began adjusting his tie.

“He’s going to be positively livid,” he said.  “Beyond a shadow of a doubt.”

“Do you really need to thumb your nose at Superman at every turn sir?” Mercy asked.

“Of course I do!” he laughed.  “Were it not for him, I wouldn’t have three years of wasted time on my resume, a black mark as dark as the souls of these supervillains the world thought I was among.”

“Well,” she said, stepping back with a smile, “that time didn’t take away your eloquence.”  She adjusted his pocket square and nodded.

“Of course it didn’t,” he said.  “I’m Lex Luthor, the greatest man on Earth.”  He glanced at the monitor.  Superman was gone.

“Damn,” he whispered.

“It doesn’t matter sir,” she said.  “He can still hear it.”  Lex clenched his fist and nodded.

“Small comfort,” he said.  “Let’s get this show on the road.”


DC Forever Presents




By Tony Thornley


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The Adventures of Superman- “Pretenders”

Batman stood at the edge of the Fortress of Solitude’s main computer, a Kryptonian crystal console, watching Superman working intently at the computer.

“Are you certain what the crystals detected was a distress beacon?” he asked. Clark looked up at him with a half smile.

“Just because it’s not the Bat-computer doesn’t mean it’s stupid,” Clark said.

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Adventure of Superman- “Space Invaders”

The residents of Metropolis up to watch the sunrise were sorely disappointed that morning.  Those few citizens of the city of tomorrow were stunned to see a swarm of strange spacecraft encircling the city like a dome.  Although some light made it through, making the city appear to be trapped in dusk, a deep feeling of dread filled the hearts of the residents of Metropolis.

Fortunately for them, one of those up at the crack of dawn was the city’s greatest hero.

Clark Kent stepped onto the balcony of his apartment with his morning coffee and tablet PC.  He had been busy the last few days with setting up the new Justice League, and as such his Daily Planet duties had been neglected, something be planned on remedying today.  However, he looked up into the sky and nearly dropped both his coffee and tablet.

“My hell, I must be more tired than I thought,” he grumbled.  He dashed back into his apartment, kissed his wife on the forehead and changed into his “work clothes”- a suit of blue, red and yellow, with a flowing red cape attached.

An instant later Clark Kent soared over the Metropolis skyline towards the largest ship, in the guise of the Metropolis’s protector and the world’s greatest hero.


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Adventures of Superman “Return to Action” By Tony Thornley

Inspector Ryan Meyer stood as firm as he could against the onslaught of the massive pink monster charging him.  Rudy Jones had once been a normal schlub, a janitor at STARLabs, whose life was changed when he was exposed to a mixture of radioactive sludge that transformed him into the Parasite.  Ever since then, he had been one of the most volatile and violent supervillains in Metropolis, a force of nature more than a force of evil, continuing to mutate into more fearsome and grotesque forms.

Meyer, the new deputy head of the MCPD Special Crimes Unit, held one of the unit’s sci-fi guns at his hip, the affectionate nickname given to the SCU’s more bizarre weapons making him grin inwardly.  He fired, and a massive net of energy enveloped Parasite.  The creature screamed in pain as the net tightened.

Ryan sighed, and removed his SCU baseball cap.  He wiped his brow as he watched him writhe on the ground.  His red hair was soaked from sweat as they chased Parasite through the city, trying to contain him and prevent him from taking lives.  He had grown into a massive bloblike creature, a bloated leech with arms and legs.

“Good job ‘Spec,” one of the young officers that had just joined the unit said from behind him.  Ryan grinned as he turned to him and dropped the hat back on his head.

“Better call STAR to come pick him up,” he said.

“Yeah ‘Spec,” he said, “we better…”  He trailed off and Ryan turned to see the energy net sputter and die.  Parasite visibly grew.  He had just absorbed the energy net.

“Oh hell.”


High above Metropolis, a red and blue figure hovered for a split second before bursting into action


He dropped from the sky, swooping towards STARLabs, disappearing into the building for an instant before zipping away, something metallic in his hands.


Ryan Meyer closed his eyes, and braced for his life to end, his new position to be over before it had really started.  The blow he expected, the drain of his life force that followed… It never came.  Instead he opened his eyes to see a figure he’d never expected to see again floating away from Parasite, now wrapped in yards of an energy insulating cable.

The protector of Metropolis grinned at Meyer and held out his hand.

“Good to meet you Inspector,” he said.


“Return to Action”

By Tony Thornley

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